These are some of the more traditional services that I offer to my clients. With so many years of experience in the personal training field, If you do not find the service you require, then please contact me so I can offer you some guidance or provide the proper referral to one of my trusted colleagues.

General Fitness

Every training program is custom developed for each and every client according to their individual fitness levels and goals.

Swimming Instruction

From first time swimmers to shaving minutes off of your next triathlon, I can help you reach your goals in the water.

Nutritional Guidance

We all know what we want to eat.  My nutritional knowledge will help you to understand the benefits of choosing healthier alternatives.

Running Programs

As a certified track and field instructor and a running athlete for most of my life, I can provide techniques to improve your stride and shave minutes off of your fastest time.

Seniors Programs

My Silver Slippers workouts focus primarily on balance, strength, and coordination while enhancing your quality of life.  As we age, our unused muscles begin to weaken and cause us to lose our balance and coordination.  With the right tune up, we'll have you back in the game in no time.


Mom's Workout

Whether you need a prenatal or post-natal program, by focusing on range of motion, flexibility, strength, and cardio vascular fitness, we will train your body to perform at an optimal level for you and your new baby.  

Personal Training

Each client receives a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle assessment. Using the information provided, I can develop an individualized diet and exercise plan specific to your lifestyle, as well as an action plan to assist you in effectively achieving your fitness goals. This method provides the honest answers and true solution to developing a healthier and stronger new you.

Professional Certifications

Certifications are an important part of providing the best techniques for my clients. I have obtained the following high level certifications throughout my career as a professional fitness instructor.

My Social Networks

As I try to communicate with my clients regularly, these are some of the more popular networks where you can find my latest fitness information.







Client Testimonials

With many years of training experience under my belt, satisfied clients are what truly keeps me going each and every day. Whether you need a training regiment in the pool, on the track, at home, or your favorite gym, my job remains the same. Teaching you how to reach your full potential through the fundamentals of diet and exercise.


Feel free to contact me with any of your fitness related questions. I always enjoy a challenge and will be happy to discuss your future fitness goals.




As the city provides ample modes of transportation.  Arrangements can be made to meet anywhere you are most comfortable to train.  From parks, to local gyms, my training expertise can be applied in the locations you prefer.


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